Moving your office into the Cloud

MyVDesk allows your to access your office from Anywhere
Desktops and Applications

MyVDesk is a fully-hosted, state-of-the-art server and desktop solution that allows you to focus on your business, not the technology. MyVDesk is designed to help small to medium sized businesses employ faster, more efficient and effortless computing without the expense of conventional IT operations.

Features of MyVDesk

Our Clients tell us what make a better environment

Desktop as service provides a scalable office environment that will grow on demand without the requirement of costly hardware upgrade and replacements. It is a ready-made disaster recovery strategy and expands the reach of you company by making your employees more mobile and responsive.

Risk Mitigation

If business operates in a way where down time or performance degradation will result in loss of revenue and an impact to the brand, disaster recovery becomes a simple exercise where the corporate environment is available from any remote location.


A hosted desktop environment will give remote users the full office experience using any mobile device such as iPad, tablets, laptops, home pc’s and other mobile devices

Security and Compliance

With Desktop as a Service will centralised sensitive data and separate it from the end device retaining full control of corporate information. This is a key element of data compliance. This solution will mitigate this risk.

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